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Important Notice. Claimant queries: Please email claimsliq@saxuminsurance.com.; Creditor and stakeholder queries: Please email creditorsliq@saxuminsurance.com.; All claimants, creditors and stakeholders must complete the Circular 3 ANNEXURE CLAIM DOCUMENT and forward to our offices in Johannesburg for the attention of Mr. Harry Kaplan (the address can be found within the document).

For example, the decision stops insurers from unnecessarily expanding the scope of a coverage action to include the policyholder’s ultimate liability in the underlying suit. This will keep discovery …

Legacy Whole Life Insurance Sean Goh, AXA Insurance managing director, said: "VUL is a fairly new offering in Singapore, but we’re observing growing interest, whether as a standalone legacy

Bad faith, he explained, occurs when insurance companies take unfair advantage of the fact that the policyholder and the insurer have an unequal relationship. For example, a car insurance company …

… policyholder’s health (most insurers insist on a medical exam), the policyholder’s family medical history, lifestyle …

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Proof of Loss Basics for Agents Annualized Premium: The total amount of premiums paid within 12 policy months. For example, if the monthly premium is $10, the annualized premium is $120 ($10 x 12 months). Assignment: The transfer of ownership rights in a life insurance policy or other type of contract from one party to another, or the document that causes the transfer of ownership rights to go into effect.

In practice, it creates an environment ripe for abuse. Here’s an example of how it works: A water remediation company directs …

Life Insurance Whole Life Rates The products include annuities, whole and term life insurance … The rising interest rate environment is a boon for the life insurance industry. The Federal
What Is Cash Value Of Whole Life Insurance This decision is made primarily on how long they want the policy to last, but they’re also making a decision on if they want a

On Rain and Hail’s policyholder services website, insureds gain access to current MPCI and Crop Hail policy information. Policyholder Services members have the ability to run reports and inquiries as well as view various manuals and documents.

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